Helen from the UK

I would highly recommend Gayatri School of Yoga. I’ve just returned from my training as a YTT200 there and had a great time. The setting is just beautiful, the facilities are perfect and were all I needed, and Radhika and Kieran were excellent and loving teachers of Hatha Yoga and, through their deep knowledge and understanding, I feel I have learned so much. They stretched me in mind, body and spirit and I will be always grateful that I chose their course out of all those out there.Intensive courses like this can sometimes leave new teachers feeling unprepared for the job they have qualified to do. But not this one. The guidance I received was excellent and I feel totally ready to teach all aspects of Hatha Yoga straight away. Thank you Radhika and Kiran 

Victorija from the UK

 I have had the most incredible month studying for my TTC in Gayatri Yoga and could not recommend it more! The teachers Radhika and Kiran were amazing: full of love and truly devoted to their subject. The course was very well structured and taught; very informative study material, plenty of practical lessons; us students always felt looked after and welcome, the house was incredibly clean and tidy. We were always supplied with fresh food supplies and could use the yoga studio to practice whenever we wanted which made the learning process easier. I feel more than ready to teach my own students now and could not thank Gayatri Yoga enough! 

Patricia from Belgium

I spent one month following a Yoga Teacher Training and it was fantastic. Contact and information before arriving were excellent and reassuring. From the very first second I felt at home; the place is calm, beautiful, and inspiring. Rooms, kitchen, bathroom are perfectly clean and comfortable. Surroundings are very peaceful, with typical volcanic landscapes. Warmly recommended to lay on the hammocks to sunbathe during the day and to watch the stars at night 🙂 The yoga room is so beautiful, clean and appropriate for very inspiring practice and teaching. The course is perfectly adapted to the students, which small number is highly appreciated. It contains a perfect balance of practice and theory. I hope I can come back soon, for more yoga training or just for combining quality and inspiring yoga practice with exploring a gorgeous island. 

Allice from Australia

I spent a month here doing my TTC. The house / the space was so peaceful and it felt like home. Radhika is such an amazing teacher and friend, she is full of wisdom and love and spreads it to each of her students. Both her and Kiran were constantly ensuring we had all that we needed and that we felt satisfied and happy. There is a huge amount of information to take in when doing a TTC – and Radhika was there 24/7 for any questions or doubts. I would definitely recommend this course to any one! Radhika and Kiran are incredible teachers and you will leave feeling truly content and fully confident in being a yoga teacher. They provide you with so much support and I feel lucky to have met them both.

Leanne from the UK

My heart is full. I have spent the most amazing three weeks at Gayatri Yoga School in Tenerife with the most incredible teachers. Their vast knowledge, professional approach and the way they share with so much love can’t even really be expressed with words. The way that Radhika, Kiran and Anand impart their knowledge has left my mind brimming with understanding that has traditionally been handed down over thousands of years. I enjoyed every single aspect of the learning which included beautiful asana practice, excellent theory lessons, joyful Bhakti yoga and teaching micro lessons. We were teaching from day 3 which was perfect for building my confidence. They have thought of everything to make this the best 200 hour teacher training experience you could have and I am so grateful for being able to be a part of this school. The small group environment means that you get all of the 1:1 tuition that you need. The teachers work tirelessly and wholeheartedly to ensure that you are fully equipped and ready to teach as soon as you leave the school. The school itself is immaculately clean, the food is delicious and plentiful and the setting is beautiful. There is plenty of space if you need some time to yourself to study or sit and reflect. There is also lots of space to socialize and be in the company of your fellow students. I felt completely at home here and would go back 100 times over if I could. Gayatri School of Yoga gets my full recommendation for anyone seeking to do their Yoga Teacher Training. 

Austin from USA

My time with Radhika and Kiran was magical. Every morning started with a beautiful, calm, rejuvenating class of meditation, breathing and a yoga. The perfect start to the day followed by breakfast on the beautiful terrace. I’ve practiced yoga all over the world, but Radhika is the most knowledgeable western yogi I have ever met. Informations oozes out of her with passion, love and respect in her Theory Classes. In my time off I explored the beaches or hike up a nearby mountain. In the evenings, Kiran’s yoga classes were perfect traditional Hatha yoga classes that left me feeling completely balanced.The food is excellent. The house is a peace palace. Love is Everywhere. I was so full of bliss that I’m not sure if my feet ever touched the ground. I was floating on a cloud throughout my stay. I will go back. I am very very happy that I found this place. It is certainly my version of paradise. You absolutely MUST experience this. Your spirit will thank you. 

Alenas from Norway

 I have been at Gayatri Yoga and I enjoyed every day, every hour and minute there. First, Gayatri Yoga is situated in a beautiful and very quite litle town in North of Tenerife. It is a perfect place in Tenerife for those who are looking for a quiet place, peaceful surrounding. I had everything what I needed and even much more: very comfortable bed, more than enough food, beautiful big kitchen where I could make food, dining room, two terraces where I could enjoy the beautiful view to the mountains and the ocean. Teachers asked me every day if I have enough of everything what I need. And now the most important part: Yoga Classes and Teachers 🙂 I tried several Yoga Scools in Bergen (Norway), but coming here I realized that I didn’t know almost anything about yoga. I have never met before people in my life for whom yoga means su much: it is their life, their passion. Kiran and Radhika are definitely professionals, giving best possible classes, explanation and inspiration. My time at Gayatri Yoga was a wonderful experience and no doubt, I will return there. 

Maya from Polonia

That was the most powerful month in my life. The TTC course is very intense but everyday gives you new pranic energy to learn more and improve your strength. Radhika and Kiran will guide you through the secrets of Hatha Yoga. Throughout their great knowledge and experience they will make you confident in teaching Yoga. You will discover your hidden skills and abundant abilities of your mind and body. Gayatri School is located in very inspiring village San Juan de la Rambla. The morning window view is breath taking. After the classes when you feel tired have a cooling and refreshing swim in the natural pool located only 10 minutes from the house. Don’t think twice just book your TTC with Gayatri School now. Namaste Rhadika and Kiran! 

Isabel from Germany

Words really can’t describe how lucky I feel to have experienced a training at Gayatri Yoga Tenerife. Yet I wanna try, so that more people feel encouraged to take the chance and go and grow there. I feel truly grateful and blessed that our paths crossed with Radhika, Kiran and Anand. These three teachers are the most heartful, warm and loving people I can imagine for doing a teacher training with. They support you in every way, show understanding but also push you to dig deep for finding your powers. For they only accept 8 students, the three teachers are aware of every individual person and no one is left behind. You can discover your inner strength, a deeper sense for communicating with your outside and inside world and experience how much you can learn, grow and connect in only three weeks. It’s incredible how much knowledge and experience we could gain in such a short amount of time! And this is due to the great schedule Radhika created. It’s tough, yeah and yet the most fulfilling time you can imagine. (We were having loads of fun while working super diciplined – yepp, that’s possible.) At first I thought I’m just doing the TTC as an add-on for my job as a singer, never believing that a three week intense program could teach me enough confidence to offer pure yoga classes later on. But life proved it’s possible! After having shared my experiences with friends who did a TTC somewhere else they were surprised how much more we learned at Gayatri, what a great routine we got in giving or structuring classes and they all thought the same: ‘I wish I had done it there, in such a nice small group.’ And even now, 6 months later, I still benefit from every single word Radhika gave to us in the theory lessons. This TTC is a pure gift, an opportunity to grow in a spiritual way and to learn how to help people. Because in the end it’s not about you at all, it’s about being a good teacher for others and contributing to help people become more peaceful with themselves and with each other. 

Julia from Ukraine

Oh wow! I don´t really know where to start and find enough words to describe this amazing experience I had in Gayatri Yoga. This is a trip which changed my life – now I know that I can be 100% happy and thank you Radhika and Kiran for showing me the right way to the peace and happiness and for opening your hearts for me. I´ve spent in Gayatri Yoga 6 weeks of intensive yoga training and I enjoyed every second of it. We had a classes for almost 8 – 10 hours every day – and they give you so much energy and peace, also challenges, but thats what make you grow every day. The house is purely amazing, all facilities are adapted for your maximum comfort and are very on a high level. And you can feel positive energy around you – in the classes, in the food they prepare or outside the house. For those who want to explore the island (which I did and highly recommend it!) please book a car and go around the island, it really has many beautiful places to offer and its very different in the different parts. If you have any doubts – forget them, just do it, just go and feel it for yourself! You would never forget this experience! Sending you a lot of love! 

Johanna from Ireland

I spent a month doing my TTC teachers training with Gayatri yoga it was a lovely experience you learn and grow ever single day. The area is very beautiful,scenic and only a 10 minute walk away from amazing natural swimmining pools. The house is really pretty, very zen I felt very at home for my months stay and very clean also. Radhika and Kiran are such amazingly lovely and inspiring people that are sure to make you smile 🙂 In this month I’ve grown so much and learned so much space of time I couldn’t have hoped for better. You should definitely come to this school. 

Aida from Sweden

I did my teacher training for a month in Tenerife. What a beautiful village, close to the water and the view is amazing. I am SO happy with my teacher training and I got all the tools I needed and more. Back home I was ready to kickstart it all but sad to leave the beautiful yoga school. Radhika and Kiran are amazing. A big thank you and I hope I can visit soon again! 

Jo from Denmark

It was a great experience doing my TTC with Radhika, Gayatri yoga. I loved the house, the village and the north of Tenerife is generally beautiful. I enjoyed all the classes. Radhika carries a piece of india with her. She is autenthic and a great teacher with a great knowledge. Small group, which is great as well. Loved it. Can highly recommend it.

Merete from Norway

I spent one month for my TTC training. The house is very beautiful, clean and a great place to stay. You really feel like home there. San Juan De La Rambla is a sleepy nice town with great nature around. The yoga classes are excellent and I really recommend to go there, either on vacation or on yoga teatcher training. 

Fanny from France

I’ve spend one month there and I miss that place. Village and house are peaceful and colourful. Radhika and Kiran are full of joy and love. They love to give yoga classes and to share their knowledge. If you’re full of good vibes and you love real yoga and its beautiful values, this place is for you. You’ll leave Gayatri with great memories. I’m coming back as soon as I can! 

Katrin from Malaysia

Greatly enjoyed staying in the big, colorful single room. The free use of the pantry and kitchen made it easy to cook to one’s own fancy and diet. Radhika and Kiran are very warmhearted, welcoming and generous hosts. Gracias por un mes muy especial!! 

Giovanna from Italy

I’ve spent one month in the school, attending the Yoga Teacher Training course and it has been a wonderful experience, something I could repeat over and over, without getting tired! The building is an ancient spanish house, nicely decorated with indian inspiration and always perfectly tidy and clean; the sourroundings and the village are amazing, I particularly loved the sea and the natural pools. Radhika and Kiran are a kind, lovely couple and their clear, mindful teachings reflect their way to be, they have always been helpful with me and the other girls. I enjoyed very much their company and my stay in this house, where I could truly deepen my knowledge and practice of hatha yoga. 

Claudia from Norway

 Bliss! Doing a TTC was a long time dream and I’m so happy I got to do it with Radhika and Kiran. They’re both extremely knowledgeable and caring, and the classes are always inspiring. I’ve learned so much here and I’m ready to teach! The beautiful house has a special character and is very comfortable (rooftop terrace, sea view, big kitchen, comfy beds). The village is lovely and had good connections with other places on the island. I feel calm, rejuvenated and ready to bring everything I’ve learned here back home. 

Timo from Luxembourg

Just an amazing place to be! I really felt at home while staying last month at Gayatri school! I truly miss it already! Radhika and Kiran are really nice and professional! I learned so much and I enjoyed all the moments of all the 200 hours of the teacher training! The house itself is really cozy. It has a beautiful roof terrace. Also there is a nice natural pool nearby. The village is authentic with not so many tourists around. I highly recommend it. An excellent month to spend in an extraordinary place of which you step out as a fully ready yoga teacher! Million thanks Radhika and Kiran! 

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