For more than 15 years our school has specialized in Yoga Teacher Trainings.

We have accompanied and supported many students worldwide towards becoming excellent Yoga Teachers. Our course is listed as one of the top 10 Yoga Teacher Trainings in Europe and Worldwide.

Hari Om & Welcome to

Gayatri Yoga Teacher Training in Spain

If your dream is to become a yoga teacher, do not worry too much about difficult asanas, the ideal body shape nor extreme flexibility. We often have a misconception about being a yoga teacher and what that really entails.

Yoga is much more than asanas, they are just a tool to control our mind. The discipline and mind work are the difficult parts. It is very important to understand that Yoga is a non-stop development and learning process.

A yoga teacher training is just the first door we open to deepen this knowledge. Everyone has their personal limitations and difficulties to reach certain postures. Being a yoga teacher does not mean practicing with the students throughout the class or showing them how nicely you can do the asanas. The aim of becoming a yoga teacher is to give knowledge, guidance, correction, and provide help for your students whenever needed.

To become a good teacher it is important to have discipline, a strong will and the desire to learn and absorb the teachings. Sometimes beginners have greater levels of discipline than more advanced students, as they grow constantly, are more open minded and tend to absorb the new information. Often, more advanced students think that they already know everything, and do not give their full attention, or have difficulties handling any given feedback or corrections.

As you can see you don’t need to be an advanced or “idealistic” yogi to become a teacher. You need positive energy, an open mind, to be humble, and the power to motivate your students, to lead a class with confidence, and the ability to offer adjustments and corrections in the right way. These points are important and make you a good yoga teacher.

How to choose the best option for your training?

Intensive Training:
If you don’t have a lot of time and no problems working under pressure away from home, then our intensive yoga teacher training will fit you. The intensive teacher training with us will definitely help you to dive into a yogic lifestyle, build up a strong connection to the teachers and other trainees, and have a strong focus on the training itself. This will offer you a unique opportunity to grow and pursue a personal learning experience.

Long Term Training:
If you have difficulties, need longer to learn and reflect, or if you feel discomfort being away from home and out of your comfort zone, a training with a longer duration over many weekends, would may be the better option for you. Please note that we do not offer this course option.

Overview about what you will learn

200-hour training

We will provide you with a professional and complete foundation to become a yoga teacher

Beginner and Intermediate

Structure Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Classes for all levels

Guide, correct and adjust

the practice to your student’s individual needs

Benefits and Contraindications

We explained Benefits and Contraindications of each Asana and Pranayama

Unique and detailed workshops

How to apply teaching skills

Lots of practice

We offer a very complete training which includes plenty of background information and lots of practice, not just asanas
If you are also practicing other styles of yoga, no worries, it will simply give you a broader range, and you will be able to give your teachings personality and variety

Our course includes

– Traditional Hatha, Iyengar and Vinyasa Yoga

– Alignment Oriented Yoga

– Spiritually Oriented Yoga



– Yin and Restorative Yoga

– The Basics of Ayurveda

– Knowledge on Kriya, Jnana, Raja, Bhakti  and Karma Yoga


- ARRIVAL 17.02. - DEPARTURE 10.03.2022

- ARRIVAL 28.03. - DEPARTURE 18.04.2022

- ARRIVAL 06.05. - DEPARTURE 27.05.2022

- ARRIVAL 13.06. - DEPARTURE 04.07.2022

- ARRIVAL 21.07. - DEPARTURE 11.08.2022

- ARRIVAL 20.09. - DEPARTURE 11.10.2022

- ARRIVAL 25.10. - DEPARTURE 15.11.2022

- ARRIVAL 25.11. - DEPARTURE 16.12.2022


- ARRIVAL 13.01. - DEPARTURE 03.02.2023

- ARRIVAL 10.02. - DEPARTURE 03.03.2023

- ARRIVAL 10.03. - DEPARTURE 31.03.2023

- ARRIVAL 07.04. - DEPARTURE 28.04.2023

- ARRIVAL 05.05. - DEPARTURE 26.05.2023

- ARRIVAL 02.06. - DEPARTURE 23.06.2023

- ARRIVAL 30.06. - DEPARTURE 21.07.2023

- ARRIVAL 28.07. - DEPARTURE 18.08.2023


Gayatri Yoga is registered by Yoga Alliance
as an RYS 200 / Registered Yoga School.
Our course director, Radhika and all Gayatri Teachers are lead trainers and registered as
E-RYT 500 / Experienced Registered Yoga Teachers.

Who can join our training
What is required?

We want you to build a relationship with your environment, others and yourself. Ultimately, everything you interact with. Carry out your tasks in a relaxed and serene manner:
– You should be physically and mentally well to follow our yoga teacher training and the intensive schedule.

– Understand and speak basic English to follow the classes. Please keep in mind that you have to give classes to the other students to gain self-confidence and learn how to teach yoga classes.

– Always be a mindful karma yogi and an example for other students.

– Follow the timetable and attend all activities, sessions, and lectures, work intensely and absorb the teaching.

– Don’t be judgmental or critical to yourself, anyone or anything.

– Respect others and avoid negative discussions with other trainees or the teachers. Simply see yourself as a part of the group and school.

If you want to join us:

Once you have made the decision to become a yoga teacher start preparing yourself with regular yoga classes, read classic yoga books and start exploring yourself while practising, asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Pre-distance learning:

We have developed a way to make the course more comfortable for
you. As we want to give you as much as possible on your way to becoming a great yoga teacher. Learning and controlling some of the basics along with other important points for the course will help you feel more.

self-secure and prepared for your training. Our pre-distance learning gives you a basis to begin your training with. It is a compulsory part of the course and must be completed before your course commences. All materials for this will be sent via email after confirmation of your deposit.

Recommended books to start your yoga journey:

– Asana, Pranayama, Mudra, Bandha by Swami Satyananda

– Light on Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar
– Light on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by B.K.S. Iyengar

All Yoga Training, Yoga East & West, Book Yoga Retreats and Book Retreats has listed Gayatri Yoga Tenerife as one of the 10 best Yoga Teacher Training Programs Worldwide and in Europe.